Student mom and daugther outside of Sammen Fantoft barnehage

- Studying with children is entirely achievable, says student mom

We have spoken with a student mom who provides insight into the experience of having children enrolled in the Sammen Fantoft kindergarten.

Nora Loland Braa (21) is in her second year of Comparative Politics at the University of Bergen. She and her husband have had their daughter Lotte (2) at Sammen Fantoft kindergarten since August 2022. They thrive in both the city of Bergen and in Sammen's kindergarden, and find themselves well-supported and content.

Braa and her husbaned moved from Tønsberg in the summer of 2022 along with Lotte. They now live in a family housing in Fantoft, where the kindergarten is conveniently located nearby.

- When we moved to Bergen, it was natural for us to choose Sammen Fantoft kindergarten. It is close to where we live, with employees who are used to student parents, says Braa.

Student mom and daughter on their way to kindergarten

Five student benefits

She explains that one of the significant advantages of Sammen's kindergartens is their accommodation of student parents' needs, especially for them who don't have their family nearby to help.

- The opening hours are long and flexible, with staff willing to adapt to the students' needs, she says.

Sammen's kindergartens offer five benefits for student parents.

When living in Sammen housing, you have priority for kindergarten placement with Sammen, and vice versa. This made it natural for Braa and her husband to choose Sammen Fantoft kindergarten, as they live in a family housing in Fantoft.

- So far, we have taken advantage of priority for student housing and kindergarten placement, but it's an added reassurance to have the other benefits as well, such as exam guarantee."

If your child falls ill on the scheduled exam day, the kindergarten will find a solution so you can take the exam. In addition, all kindergartens offer flexible opening hours and free rental of the kindergarten facilities.

A network of other student parents

Braa points out that the greatest advantage is definitely the short distance to the kindergarten, but adds that many of their neighbors in Fantoft are also students with children.

Student mom and daughter at the kindergarten

- This has made it much easier for us to connect with other student parents. Most of the students who have children in the kindergarten, also live in family housing in Fantoft, she points out.

She further explains that when the weather is warmer, they usually meet other parents in the kindergarten who are outside playing with their children.

- That way, we have gotten to know several of the other families.

Varied weekdays in the kindergarten

At Sammen Fantoft kindergarten, the employees emphasize that the children should be active participants in their kindergarten everyday life. Braa describes the daily life in the kindergarten as varied and active.

- The children spend time both indoors and outdoors during the day, play across different divisions, and some days they go to Fantofthallen to play or swim.

She also highlights that the employees often share stories with the children during morning gatherings.

- Some days Lotte comes home and retells the stories she heard at the kindergarten. In addition, she is allowed to participate in cooking, which she finds very exciting, says Braa.

She adds that she finds the employees very forthcoming and willing to collaborate.

- It's clear that they want Lotte to thrive, she concludes.