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How to apply for a place at our kindergartens

Our kindergartens are open to everyone, with students being prioritized.
  1. The application deadline for the main intake is March 1st in Bergen and Sogndal, and February 15th in Haugesund.
  2. We also admit children continuously throughout the year where we have available spots.
Applications to Sammen kindergartens are to be sent directly through the municipality's application portal.
If you are applying as a student, you must be enrolled in one of the educational institutions affiliated with Sammen in the year your child begins. Remember to indicate your student status and place of study in the childcare application. When your child starts at the kindergarten, you should present your student ID or other documentation of a paid semester fee. You can retain the kindergarten spot even after you finish your studies.
If you work for Sammen or at one of the educational institutions affiliated with Sammen, you can apply for a spot. Remember to indicate your workplace in the kindergarten application.
  1. Sammen Fagertun kindergarten is owned by UiB and offers spots for research fellows and employees at UiB, as well as spots for female master's students.