Indoor swimming pool with diving boards.

Swimming pool

Welcome to the pool facilities, a place for fitness, fun and well-being.


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The pool is located at the Student Center at Nygårdshøyden. It holds a comfortable temperature between 27-28 degrees. The pool is 25 meters long and 12.5 meters wide. Both students and employees can use the pool.


  1. Six lanes with fast swimming and freestyle swimming.

  2. Group activities

  3. Steam bath & Sauna

  4. Diving board (open 16:30-17:30 Sundays)

  5. Family swimming

Guidelines and safety


  1. All swimming is at your own risk.

  2. Show consideration for other swimmers.

  3. Everyone in the pool must follow the instructions of the lifeguard. Violation of the rules of conduct or failure to comply with lifeguard instructions may result in expulsion from the pool area and suspension of membership.

  4. The use of cameras and mobile phones is prohibited in the pool, shower, and changing room areas.

  5. Prevent theft by locking up your belongings.

Before swimming

  1. The lockers are not for personal storage. Locks are cut every evening.

  2. Thorough soap wash without a swimsuit should be done before using the swimming facilities.

  3. Shaving, pedicures, chewing gum, glass bottles, glass diving masks, food, and similar items are prohibited in the swimming facility.

  4. The use of outdoor footwear/shoes is prohibited in the pool area. The use of slippers is allowed in the designated area.

During swimming

  1. People with long hair should use a hair tie or swim cap.

  2. Diving is only allowed when there is no risk to others and only in deep water.

  3. The 1m and 3m diving boards are open for use during designated times.

  4. Jumping or diving from the shallow side of the pool is prohibited.

Sauna / steam bath

Shower before using the sauna, and using a towel in the sauna is mandatory. The door to the sauna and steam bath should be closed.

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