A cozy student apartment adorned with lively green plants, creating a bright atmosphere. It includes a workspace, dining table, and kitchen.

Our types of residences

We have over 5000 student residences in the West of Norway.

Single Room: We offer various single rooms. All our single rooms come with a shared kitchen, but whether you share a bathroom with others or have your own varies. In some single rooms, international students also share a room with another international student.

The single room is our smallest and most affordable option.

Single room - shared: We have shared single rooms for exchange students, where two students share a room together. You can get these dormitories by agreement with the study institution you are studying at.

Bachelor apartment: These are small apartments with a private bathroom and kitchen facilities in the room.

Apartment: The apartment is larger than the bachelor apartment, and we have apartments with both private kitchens and shared kitchens.

Accessible housing: These are residences adapted for people with mobility impairments.

Family housing: Applicants with children or those expecting a child will be prioritized for this type of housing. If you have children in one of our kindergartens, you will also have preferential access to family housing.

Short-term rent: You can apply for short-term rent with Sammen if you need a place to stay for a shorter period. The duration of your stay with us varies from a minimum of one day to a maximum of eight weeks, depending on availability.