Five reasons to choose Sammen Housing

Are you going to study and need a place to live? We offer affordable housing to all students over the age of 18 who study at an educational institution affiliated with Sammen.
1. Varied
Sammen has a varied selection of housing types. Whether you want to live alone, with friends, in couples, or with family, we have something for everyone. In addition, some of the housings are furnished, while others are not. There is also a great variation in terms of location.
2. Affordable
Sammen Housing offers competitive prices that are affordable for students. All our profits will always go back to the students to ensure they have the best possible experience. In addition, most housing has a fixed price for electricity, which is cheap and safe because it provides you with financial predictability.
3. Safe
Not only is it diverse and affordable to live with Sammen Housing, but it is also safe. With us, you are guaranteed a stable and professional landlord. All tenants must sign a contract, which is safe for both you and us. There is a janitor available in all buildings who can help you if there should be any issues. With us, you will always be well taken care of as a tenant.
4. Social
One of the many benefits of living with us is the social environment. Our housing is exclusively for students who are in the exact same situation as you. This makes it a bit easier to get to know new people. Additionally, most student housing has a common area that is open to everyone. All our large student housings has a tenant's union (TU) consisting of volunteers and committed residents working to ensure everyone has as good and social a time as possible. They are responsible for organizing parties and other social gatherings, and ensuring that the common rooms are as good as possible for everyone.
5. Central
Sammen Housing has rooms and apartments spread out with gyms, grass fields, hiking trails, and swimming opportunities close by. No matter which university or college you attend, you'll find a place to live nearby. The properties are also close to public transport, making it as easy as possible to get around. In other words, we offer something for every taste.