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Our student housing has dedicated janitors to ensure everything's in orderšŸ‘·
You can rest assured that the buildings and outdoor areas are well-maintained when you live with us.


Our janitors got your back

Our janitors take care of keeping our buildings and outdoor areas in top shape, and handle all maintenance in the common areas where you live. If you spot any faults, deficiencies, or anything damaged or broken in your accommodation or in the common areas, you should report this as a case to the janitor via My Page, and they'll sort it out.

What you need to handle yourself

You'll be handling regular upkeep of your place. This includes changing light bulbs or cleaning out the drains.


Report any faults or deficiencies directly to the janitor via My Page. Make sure you provide enough information and specify whether it's okay for them to let themselves in if you're not home, or if you'd rather arrange a time in advance. This way, we can help you out as quickly as possible.

Urgent help

If something happens that requires immediate assistance to prevent lasting or major damage, like a water leak, you need to contact our emergency phone number.