A woman running on a treadmill in a room, focused and determined to achieve her fitness goals.


Train more effectively. Our testing lab at Sammen helps you achieve your fitness goals.
Our testing lab at Sammen helps you achieve your fitness goals. Here, you can test your oxygen uptake and lactate threshold.

Our Tests

At Sammen Training, we test everyone from active recreational exercisers to professional athletes, assisting everyone in reaching their fitness goals. Endurance athletes often train large volumes, and it can be harmful to train too much or too hard.
Our tests help you identify weaknesses and strengths, measure progress (when tested repeatedly), enhance training effectiveness, and estimate performance capacity.

Maximum Oxygen Uptake - VO2 Max

Maximum oxygen uptake (VO2 max) is the single most crucial factor for endurance performance and represents the body's maximum ability to take in oxygen. In this test, we also determine the athlete's maximum heart rate. The test can be conducted on a treadmill, bike, or rowing machine and can be used as part of a training program, providing a good indication of capacity and the training's effectiveness.

Lactate Threshold - Lactate Profile

Lactate profile testing is done to find the highest intensity where there is equilibrium between lactic acid production and elimination. This intensity is often called the lactate threshold and, along with VO2 max, is one of the most critical factors for endurance performance. Such a test can significantly indicate the right intensity for your sessions for the best training effect and measure the impact and potential progress after completing a training program.