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Running a Student Organization

We have collected good tips for you as a student organization.


Without finances, it's challenging to create activity in the student organization. We offer both courses and templates that make the life of a finance manager a breeze!

Organizational Management

How do you actually lead a student organization? What routines are essential to have? What does it take for a board meeting not to suck all the life out of the participants? Do you have a difficult conversation you need to address?

We have both courses and resources available that make board work easier and more efficient.

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Confidentiality agreement

A confidentiality agreement is a contract for confidentiality of information. It is not a requirement, but some student organizations make it a routine for boardmembers and officials to sign it.

Debate and voting regulations

The debate and voting regulations are useful to have if your student organization is to hold general meetings with many participants. It provides guidelines for how the meeting should be conducted, such as speakers keeping time and votes occurring with the correct majority and process.

Useful Resources

Here are many tips. This doesn't mean you have to follow all, but feel free to take a look, as there may be something useful for your organization.

🌍 Diversity and Inclusion in Student Organizations

To feel seen and welcomed is important for all students. We have the opportunity to achieve this by preventing discrimination and sexual harassment, actively working to increase diversity, and ensuring that the organization is accessible to everyone. In this way, we can create inclusive student organizations. Read more about how in the resources below.

♻️Climate and Environmentally Friendly Organizational Management

💥Conflict Management and Conflict Resolution

Here, we have gathered various conversation techniques or group conversation techniques that can be used to handle conflicts.

😟 The DifficultConversation The difficultconversation is a conversation tool for leaders to address something wrong, a concern, or unacceptable behavior. We hold courses are in managing the difficult conversation.

👥 One-on-One Conversation This conversationcan have two purposes. (1) You can offer the volunteer perspectives or problems other than those that immediately emerge. (2) Or you can gain a better understanding of what it's all about so you can assess what needs to be done with the conflict.

🗣️ The Mediating Conversation

The mediating conversation takes place between those involved in the conflict. It assumes that both parties want to meet and that the conflict is negotiable. The goal is to create an agreement that everyone has a stake in and contributes to..

📖 Organization Handbook

"Frivillighet Norge" has an organization handbook that contains a basic introduction to organizational management.

🗳️ Digital Voting System is a digital voting system developed by the Organisasjonskollegiet and Junior Consulting with support from Velferdstinget in Gjøvik, Ålesund, and Trondheim. The goal is for voluntary organizations to be able to conduct efficient and good democratic processes.