A group of students enjoying a pizza together at a table, sharing laughter and good times.

2 dinners for 100 NOK

Bring a study buddy and enjoy dinner at extra good prices every Wednesday.

It is social and pleasant to eat together. We want to facilitate even more people taking a break from their study routine and spending time socializing during meals.

Therefore, we now offer two dinners for 100 kroner each every Wednesday at these cafeterias:

  1. Campus Førde cafeteria

  2. Campus Haugesund cafeteria

  3. Campus Sogndal cafeteria

  4. Campus Stord cafeteria

  5. Kronstad cafeteria

  6. NHH service cafeteria

  7. Studentsenteret cafeteria

*The offer is only valid for students. Enjoy your meal! 🍽️