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How to Write a Good CV

The CV is a factual document about your past

A good CV should:

📃Be a maximum of two pages

👓Be clear and easy to read

🖊️Be tailored to each position

🙃Have a reverse chronological order - the newest should come first

How to Highlight Relevant Experience:

  1. Tailor the CV to the job you're applying for. Write most about what you want to emphasize with your experience, what makes you most relevant for the position. Elaborate on the most important points with a few lines or a bullet list. What were the responsibilities and tasks you had in the position? This helps the employer understand your competence.

  2. All experiences should be in the document, but you can gather things that are far back in time (or not so relevant to the job) in a summary point. For example, you can call it "Various part-time jobs."

  3. The layout should follow the format when - what - where, i.e., time -> positiontitle/study program -> employer/university.

  4. Remember to ask your references in advance if you can include their contact information. It may also be wise to share the job advertisement with them so they know what you're applying for.

  5. You can write "references provided upon request." Especially useful when applying for many jobs.

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