If you wish to sublet your accommodation while you for example are on exchange, this is possible.
You will still be the tenant and responsible to us if anything happens during the subletting period. The subtenant must be a student and pay semester fee to a "studentsamskipnad" in Norway. You cannot sublet your home to a student who already has a contract with Sammen. Subletting needs to be approved by Sammen before you can sublet your accommodation. The subtenant needs to create a user on bo.sammen.
It may be a good idea to write a contract together with the sub-tenant when it comes to to paying rent, cleaning, handing over keys, etc.
If you want to sublet, you need to send an inquiry via our contact form with the following information about the subtenant:
• Name • Phone number • Email • Subletting period • Proof that the subtenant is a student (student ID, etc.)