For students with housing guarantee

The guarantee is valid for international students coming to Bergen for the first time, and only for one stay.
The following students are guaranteed student housing:
  1. Exchange students
  2. Self-financed Master degree students
  3. Self-financed Bachelor’s degree students
  4. Students in other collaboration programs with a minimum duration of one semester
The guarantee is valid for international students coming to Bergen for the first time, and only for one stay.
Students coming to Sogndal, Førde, Haugesund or Stord will receive necassary information by email.

Student housing for disabled

We can offer specially adapted student housing for the disabled students. These can be found in Damsgårdsveien, Gyldenpris and Grønneviksøren student housing.

Apply within the given deadline

You will receive information from your place of study about what to do when applying for housing.
You may choose among all the different housing alternatives and select three preferred options. We will try to to meet your request, but will allocate according to availability if preferred options are not available. At Fantoft TRE, Fantoft and Hatleberg, one-semester students may be allocated a room sharing with one other student, even if they did not apply for this option.

Autumn semester

Application period: 1st of April - 10th of May Application deadline: 10th of May

Spring semester

Application period: 1st of October - 1st of November Application deadline: 1st of November

Accept the offer for a room within the deadline

If you do not accept the offer within the deadline given in the agreement, the offer will unfortunately be cancelled. You can easily sign the lease by using sms code. It is therefore important that you register a valid phone number when applying for housing.
Other international students who are not in any of the categories listed above are not guaranteed a room accommodation. The deadline for applications for the autumn semester is the 15th of April.

Cancellation of the housing offer

If you wish to cancel the offer for a room you may do so, provided that you are not going to study in Bergen after all. A written statement from your place of Study must be presented to Sammen Housing, no later than 24th of June and 30th of November. Any other reason for cancellation will be treated as an ordinary termination period.