Facade of Jekteviken Student Housing.


Modern student accommodation close to the city center with your own glas balcony.


  1. Wifi 
  2. Storage room
  3. Janitor
  4. Bicycle parking
  5. HC parking

Useful information

Address and mail
Your address
Your name  Jekteviken Studentboliger Jekteviksbakken 25 5006 Bergen
Mailbox Everyone has their own mailbox in the basement, that opens with the room key.
On the invoice from Sammen, joint expenses for energy have been included which cover hot water, ventilation, lift, outdoor lighting and other technical installations. In addition to this, you have to get an agreement with an energy company for energy consumption in your own home. If you do not get an energy supplier, BKK sends an invoice directly and uses a "delivery obligation", which is a very expensive alternative compared to having an agreement.
The apartments are unfurnished apart from shelves and cupboards, as well as white goods.
Garbage and recycling
There are garbage shafts outside the student accommodation that opens with the BIR tag.
See BIR's webpage to find out where you can throw other things.
There is no laundry in the building, but the apartments have arrangements for a private washing machine in the bathroom, either on the wall or in the washbasin.
Car Jekteviken only has HC parking. Send an email to drift@sammen.no if you need this.
Bicycle There is bicycle parking in the basement. Bicycles must be marked with a valid sticker which can be collected from your service centre. The sticker is valid for one year at a time and must be renewed every year, this is to have control over which bicycles are left behind and which bicycles are in use. Unmarked bikes will be removed.
Storage room
All the accommodations have their own storage room. You will find the rooms marked with room numbers on the 1st floor, in both blocks. Room 208 and 308 have storage in the apartment.
Internet is free in all our residences. You have your own Telia router and your own network.
👉You must take a digital fire safety course before you can access the internet.

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Jekteviken's service centre is at the Student center.