Facade of Alrek Student Housing.


At Alrek you can live affordably, socially and with Sammen Sports on the 1st floor.


  1. WiFi
  2. Storage room
  3. Laundry
  4. Janitor
  5. Parking
  6. Bicycle parking
  7. Reading room
  8. Music room
  9. Common room
  10. Elevator

Useful information:

Address and mail
Your name Alrek Studentboliger + room number Årstadveien 25 5009 Bergen
The mail boxes can be found at the entrance.
We have a fixed price for electricity, which includes both your own consumption and everything that is shared. You will receive the electricity bill together with the rent from Sammen.
The single rooms at Alrek are furnished with a bed (frame mattress 90x200), desk with chair and wardrobe. In addition, most of the rooms contain a sink with a mirror.
The apartments are furnished with a double bed (2 mattress frames put together - total 150*200), desk with chair and wardrobe.
Otherwise, you are free to furnish as you wish🛋️
👉PS: The common kitchens contains a cooker, two fridges with freezers and cupboards for each resident. Most kitchens also include a dishwasher. In addition, there is a seating area.
Garbage and recycling
All garbage is thrown into containers at the front of the building. Se BIR's webpage for information on where to recycle.
You can wash clothes at our laundry for an additional cost. The laundry can be found in the basement of the D building. Take the lift to floor 0 and follow the corridor to the right.
You use the app "appWash" to pay, choose a machine, select a washing program and report errors.
Car At Alrek, we have some parking spaces for those who live with us. If you want parking, you can apply via the contact form. Select Housing -> Rental Agreement -> Parking.
Bicycle Bicycles must be marked with a valid sticker which can be collected from your service centre. The sticker is valid for one year at a time and must be renewed every year, this is to have control over which bicycles are left behind and which bicycles are in use. Unmarked bikes will be removed.
Storage room
Storage rooms can be found in the attic above the 5th floor (those who live on the 7th floor have storage on the 8th floor). You can freely choose an available storage, regardless of numbering. Lock the storage with your own lock and mark it with name, room number and current semester.
NB! Two accommodations share one storage.
Internet is free in all our residences. You have your own Telia router and your own network, and there is also free wireless internet in several of our common areas.
👉You must take a digital fire safety course before you can access the internet.

Social rooms

Common rooms
Sauna/shower The sauna can be switched on at any time. Anyone using it is responsible for turning it off after use and leaving the premises in a clean and tidy condition.
Table tennis The table tennis table is in the basement outside the laundry. You can borrow a racket and ball from TU.
Common room In the basement at Alrek you will find the common room with sofas and TV. This can be used by all residents.
Opening hours for the common rooms are:
  1. Sunday to Thursday: 8.00 - 23.00
  2. Friday and Saturday: 8.00 - 00.00 ​
Reading room
You will find a small reading room in the basement.
Tenants Union
Among the benefits TU has supported so far are a sauna, piano room, music room, new reading room and table tennis table. They also arrange various social events during the semester.
Check out the Facebook group for Alrek's residents and TU Alrek's Facebook page. Do you want to join TU and become part of the link between Alrek's residents and Sammen? Contact TU at tu.alrekstudentbolig@gmail.com.

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Alrek's service centre is at the Student center.