Children playing in a sandbox.

Bylaws for Sammen Kindergarten

Revised October 25, 2022

Applicable to:

1. Sammen Blokksberg kindergarten, Øyjordsveien
2. Sammen Bortigardkindergarten, Nattland student housing
3. Sammen Fantoft kindergarten, Fantoftveien
4. Sammen Fantoft Gård kindergarten, Øvre Fantoftåsen
5. Sammen Jekteviken kindergarten, Magnus Lagabøtes square
6. Sammen Nerigardkindergarten, Birkelundsbakken
7. Sammen Oppigardkindergarten, Birkelundsbakken
8. Sammen Vardafjellkindergarten, Haugesund
9. Saman Sogndal Student kindergarten, Sogndal

Bylaws for Sammen kindergartens

The kindergartens are owned and operated by the Student Welfare Organization on the West Coast - Sammen. The Student Welfare Organizations are special law companies subject to the Act on Student Welfare Organizations. Sammenis responsible for the operation of the Fagertun kindergarten, which is owned by the University of Bergen.
Separate statutes for Fagertun can be found at the end of this document.
The kindergarten, in collaboration and understanding with the home, will meet the children's need for care and play, and promote learning and formation as a basis for comprehensive development. The kindergarten will be based on fundamental values in Christian and humanistic heritage and tradition, such as respect for human dignity and nature, freedom of spirit, charity, forgiveness, equality, and solidarity, values expressed in various religions and beliefs and rooted in human rights.
Children should experience creativity, wonder, and curiosity. They should learn to take care of themselves, each other, and nature. They should develop basic knowledge and skills. They have the right to participate according to age and prerequisites.
The kindergarten should meet children with trust and respect and recognize the inherent value of childhood. It should contribute to well-being and joy in play and learning and be a challenging and safe place for community and friendship. The kindergarten should promote democracy and equality and counteract all forms of discrimination (according to the Kindergarten Act §1 Purpose).
Sammen kindergartens will offer high-quality kindergarten places specially adapted to the needs of students.
All employees and members of the kindergarten's collaboration council are subject to confidentiality according to the kindergarten law § 44. However, the kindergarten staff has a duty to report according to § 45 and 46.
The board of Sammendetermines the admission criteria for the kindergartens. The kindergarten manager is responsible for admissions. Complaints about decisions are handled by the municipality.
Initial provisions: Everyone can apply for a place in Sammen kindergartens. Students are those who pay the semester fee to Sammen. Within the various admission criteria, applicants are prioritized by birth date. Admission of children takes place in coordinated admissions with the municipality. The waiting list is divided into one for children under 3 years and one for children over 3 years.
During admission, the following priorities apply:
  • Children with reduced functional ability linked to § 18 of the Kindergarten Act. This must be documented with a written certificate from a doctor/psychologist, speech therapist, PPT and/or social medical institutions. Children covered by § 4-4 second and fourth paragraphs and 4-12 of the Child Welfare Services Act. This must be documented by a decision from the child welfare service.
  • Children of parents who, due to serious illness/disability and receive rehabilitation money, temporary disability application, disability pension, carer's allowance, basic benefit or decision on vocational rehabilitation. This must be documented with a decision/confirmation from NAV.
  • Children of students who are single parents. This must be documented by NAV.
  • Children of students approved as minority language speakers according to the municipality's admission criteria or children of parents participating in the quota program at educational institutions.
  • Siblings of children who already have a place.
  • Children of students who have been awarded student housing.
  • Children of other students.
  • Children of scholars at the institutions in Sammen
  • Children of employees in Sammen/Saman.
  • Children of employees at the institutions in Sammen.
  • Children of other applicants in coordinated admission.
The kindergartens have an annual main admission, with application deadlines set by the host municipalities (March 1 in Bergen and Sogndal, February 15 in Haugesund). The application applies to the following academic year. Applications received after the deadline are processed and placed on a waiting list. Vacancies are filled continuously from the current waiting list. Children retain their place until the start of school. It is a prerequisite that one of the parents is a student in order to use the student-focused measures in the kindergartens. Documentation of student status is obtained from the institutions in Sammen during the main admission and when awarding available places.
Parents can terminate the place with 1-month notice. Terminations must be made in writing and the notice starts to run from the first day of the month following the month in which the termination was made. Failure to pay the parental payment can result in termination of the kindergarten place. The kindergarten's rules for termination of places apply to all the kindergartens listed in this document.
Parental payment is determined according to the Kindergarten Act § 15 and the regulations on parental payment in kindergartens. The parental payment may be adjusted in accordance with changes in the maximum rates. In addition, a meal fee may be charged. The parental payment and any meal fee must be paid 11 times a year. Payment is due in advance on the 1st of each month.
The kindergartens' opening hours are Monday to Friday from 07:30 to 16:30, but adjustments can be made locally.
The kindergartens are closed between Christmas and New Year, 5 planning days throughout the year, and 3 weeks in July. The kindergartens are open during the other school holidays.
The board is the kindergarten's highest authority. The board consists of 4 representatives: two from Sammen and two from the parents. The board is responsible for the overall running of the kindergarten, ensuring that the kindergarten is operated within the framework of laws, regulations, and Sammen's strategy.
The collaboration council consists of representatives from parents and employees and shall facilitate good cooperation between the kindergarten and the child's home. The kindergarten manager, a representative of the employees, and two representatives of the parents elected at the annual meeting make up the council.
The annual meeting is held once a year, no later than the end of November. All parents in the kindergarten have the right to attend, speak, and vote. The annual meeting approves the annual report, chooses representatives to the board and the collaboration council, and addresses other cases that fall under the annual meeting.
Proposals for changes in the bylaws can be made by the board, the collaboration council, or at least 1/3 of the parents. Changes require approval by at least 2/3 of the votes cast at the annual meeting.
In case of dissolution of a kindergarten, the assets and equipment will revert to Sammen, which will decide on their further use.

Statutes for Sammen Fagertun Kindergarten

Revised February 2022.
The University of Bergen (UiB), a state institution, owns the Fagertun Kindergarten, located at Kalfarveien 59 in Bergen municipality. The kindergarten is operated by the Student Welfare Organization of Western Norway - Sammen. Student welfare organizations are special law companies subject to the Law on Student Welfare Organizations.
§ 2 OBJECTIVE – as above, and in addition:
Fagertun Kindergarten aims to recruit Ph.D. candidates, postdoctoral researchers, and qualified research and teaching staff to UiB. Ensure a smooth progression of Ph.D. students. Additionally, the kindergarten's operations help to provide UiB with a stable workforce.
Fagertun Kindergarten will have a parent council and a cooperation committee as stipulated in the kindergarten law and regulations. The cooperation committee will consist of a total of six representatives. UiB and Sammen each appoint a representative to represent the owner in the cooperation committee. Parents/guardians and employees elect two representatives each.
The kindergarten manager recommends admissions, and the director of Sammen Kindergarten is the admitting authority. For the main admission, applicants can appeal rejections. Appeals must be in writing to Sammen, specifying the decision being appealed and the reasons for the appeal. If Sammen finds that the complainant should have been offered the desired place, the child is offered the next available spot after children with priority according to the kindergarten law § 18, as per the statutes § 5 - Priority at admission - point 1. If Sammendoesn't process the complaint or doesn't grant the desired kindergarten spot, they send the complaint to the appeals body. The appeals body is Bergen municipality's kindergarten authority.
For the main admission, the child must have turned one by the end of November. At admission, one of the child's parents/guardians must be employed or about to join a position at UiB or affiliated research centers, councils, etc., at least 50%. They must work daily at UiB. Employees on unpaid leave for more than a year are not eligible to apply. Children of UiB students can get a spot if there are vacancies after priority applicants 1-5 have been considered.
Priority for Admission:
1. Children with disabilities according to the kindergarten law § 18 have priority.
2. Children with decisions made according to the child welfare services law §§ 4-12 and 4-4 have priority.
3. Siblings of children already in the kindergarten.
4. Children of newly recruited Ph.D. candidates, postdocs, and research and teaching staff moving from abroad in the admission year to join UiB. Two spots are reserved for this group until June 15th.
5. Children of Ph.D. candidates, postdocs, and research and teaching staff, in this order and by birthdate:
- Ph.D. candidates
- Postdocs
- Research and teaching staff
- Other employees
Other staff are assigned spots by the child's birthdate, then children of UiB students.
The kindergarten follows a coordinated admission in Bergen municipality. The main admission deadline is March 1st. There's no deadline for supplementary admissions, so applications are open year-round. Main admission spots are given from August. Supplementary admissions for available spots happen throughout the year.
The kindergarten spot is retained until the child reaches compulsory education age, it'sterminated, or the parents'/guardians' affiliation with UiB ends. If the UiB affiliation ends, the kindergarten spot can be retained until the semester's end. Exceptions are made if at least one of the children has been in the kindergarten continuously for two years before the affiliation ends.
Parents/guardians can terminate with 3 months' notice, either from the 1st or 15th of a month. Notices must be in writing to the kindergarten manager. Termination rules apply once the spot is accepted. UiB, as the owner, can terminate the agreement with 3 months' notice if:
- The kindergarten closes
- Significant breach of payment terms
- Significant breach of opening hours
- False information provided for admission
Parents/guardians can request up to one year of leave if one of them is on maternity leave. They can also request a leave for overseas assignments related to work at UiB or affiliated entities for up to a year. For leaves shorter than three months, payment is still required. Upon approving the leave, it'scontingent on spot availability after the leave. If no spot is available, the child(ren) will be offered a spot in another Sammen kindergarten until a Fagertun spot becomes available.
According to the kindergarten law, parent payments should not exceed a maximum limit. Meal costs are extra. UiB has decided that parent payments follow the annual maximum rates set by the Parliament. Payments are made for 11 months a year, with July being free. Sibling discounts are given as per the regulation's § 3. Exceptions to the maximum limit can be made if:
- The kindergarten would otherwise close for economic reasons or
- The quality of the kindergarten's services would otherwise suffer
The kindergarten is open from 07:00 to 17:00, Monday to Friday. It's closed on public holidays, May 1st and 17th, the week before Easter, 3 weeks in July, and between Christmas and New Year's. There are 5 planning days annually.
The play and stay area is set to a minimum of 4 m2 per child over three years and 5.3 m2 per child under three years.
Systematic health, environment, and safety work comply with the kindergarten law § 9 and the Internal Control Regulation, which follows the requirements set by various laws. The kindergarten manager is responsible for the kindergarten's internal control.