The facade and outdoor area of Sammen Oppigard Kindergarten.

Sammen Oppigard kindergarten

At Sammen Oppigard kindergarten, the forest is our closest neighbor. We actively utilize it for walks, play, and exploration.


The surrounding area encourages exploration and offers opportunities for physical activities like cycling, sledding, running, and playing in the sandbox. The kindergarten is conveniently located in Nattland, just a short distance from Sammen's family residences. From Birkelundstoppen, it's about a 5-minute walk to the kindergarten. For parents who are driving, we provide dedicated parking spaces for easy drop-offs and pick-ups.


Our kindergarten comprises four sections: Lyderhorn, Ulriken, Blåmann, and Føyen. Additionally, we have a spacious communal room at the heart of the building called "Allrommet." This space is designed for shared play and interactions among all children and staff. Our youngest children nap in specially designed bedrooms, where each child has their individual bed. These special bedrooms are located in the toddler sections.

"Here, We Play"

At Sammen Oppigard kindergarten, play is pivotal. Play serves as a foundation for ongoing development and learning. Through play, children familiarize themselves with their environment and their own selves. It encourages critical learning processes and fosters intellectual, linguistic, physical, social, and emotional growth. In our kindergarten, children will encounter adults who are present, observant, and supportive in their play. This may involve actively participating or ensuring that the environment and tools for play are ideal. We constantly aim for an environment that inspires the children by regularly rotating toys, rearranging rooms, updating equipment, and maintaining organization.

Meals at the kindergarten

Every day, we offer a sandwich lunch with various toppings and fresh vegetables that children can enjoy alongside their breakfast packed meals. We serve milk and beverages with all meals. Once a week, the children receive either a porridge or a hot lunch.

The meal fee stands at 200 NOK for younger children and 300 NOK for older ones per month.


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