The facade and outdoor area of Sammen Jekteviken kindergarten.

Sammen Jekteviken kindergarten

Located at Nygårdshøyden, the Sammen Jekteviken kindergarten is a central city childcare facility with the endless opportunities of the nearby area right outside its door.


Set back from the hustle and bustle, our kindergarten has a spacious playground complete with swings, sandboxes, and bike paths.


The kindergarten facility is spread across two historical villas and a brand-new building we affectionately name "Høyhuset."

In the "Murhuset" villa, you'll find the Engen and Jussen divisions. The "Trehuset" villa houses the Dragefjellet and Sjiraffen divisions. Lastly, in Høyhuset, the Dokken and Vågen divisions are located.

In our center, the youngest children safely nap in their respective prams, and we designate a staff member to stay by their side while they sleep.

"Those who play, pave the way!"

At the Sammen Jekteviken kindergarten, we deeply believe that play is children's primary developmental arena, one we strive to protect and support.

Children inherently possess the spirit of play. Through play, they discover and learn much about themselves and others. Play allows a child to express their will, thoughts, imagination, emotions, and choices. Children who engage in play develop the ability to relax, get engrossed, and experience joy both independently and with peers. Play is a fountain of laughter and happiness, allowing children to express themselves and realize the significance of their individual experiences.

At Sammen Jekteviken, children will encounter adults who defend the essence of play, recognize children's playful initiatives, serve as playmates, promote inclusion, nurture relationships, establish positive interaction patterns, and inspire and enhance the realm of play.

Meals in the Center

Our childcare offers hot meal twice a week, supplemented with daily servings of fruit and milk. On other days, children bring their lunchboxes.

When preparing meals, children are always involved, emphasizing nutritious and sustainable dishes that provide insights into various cultures and tastes.

Parents contribute 190 kr towards meal expenses monthly.


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