The facade and outdoor area of Sammen Fagertun kindergarten.

Sammen Fagertun kindergarten

The Sammen Fagertun Kindergarten is situated in a charming old Swiss-style villa, close to Hansaparken in Kalfaret.


Our expansive garden boasts swings, sandboxes, and play structures. Furthermore, we have a dedicated "kårhus" (secondary house) that we use for communal gatherings, art projects, and play. Our kindergarten is conveniently located near public transportation and features dedicated parking spaces for smooth pick-up and drop-off. 


The kindergarten spans two floors, with one section on each floor. The upper floor caters to our younger children aged one to three, while the ground floor is reserved for our older kids, between three to six years old. The younger children nap indoors on beds. Meanwhile, older kids, who no longer nap, have their quiet time where they can relax on their cushion, read a book, or simply enjoy a moment of tranquility.

Goals and Values

We adhere to the unified goals and values of the Sammen kindergarten institutions. Moreover, we emphasize specific focus areas, which will be detailed in the annual plan to be released this fall. To ensure quality in the child-adult relationship and to support the children's development, we employ the MarteMeo guidance method.

Meals in the Kindergarten

At Fagertun, children receive either a hot meal or a sandwich for lunch daily, followed by a fruit snack in the afternoon. Mealtime is a cherished part of our daily routine. The children actively participate in preparing the food or making their sandwiches. At the table, we accentuate the sense of community.

Parents contribute 350 kr towards meal expenses monthly.


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Kalfarveien 59, 5022 Bergen

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Contact number: 91 66 32 55

Director: Åsta Vedeler