A glimpse of the outdoor area of Sammen Blokksberg kindergarten.

Sammen Blokksberg kindergarten

Nestled right next to the woods, the Sammen Blokksberg kindergarten offers a splendid natural playground inviting children to play and explore freely.


Our youngest kids also enjoy a separate playground specially designed to meet their needs. Conveniently located near the Norwegian School of Economics in Ytre Sandviken, our facility is close to public transportation and features designated parking spots for easy pick-up and drop-off.


Our kindergarten is divided into two distinct sections. On the first floor, you'll find the infant section called "Tryllehagen," while the upper-level houses the older children's section, "Kadabra." For nap times, our youngest charges have their own cozy beds, and a dedicated staff member is always present to ensure they sleep peacefully.

Language and Play: Hand in Hand

Language development is vital for children both in the short and long term.

How we articulate and engage with language plays a crucial role in children's abilities to communicate, express experiences, share stories, and discuss and reflect with others. Language is pivotal for learning, building social connections, and fostering friendships.

Our objective is to bolster a child's language development through playful interactions, reading books, singing, and tuning into the natural rhythms and sounds of speech.

We are committed to ensuring that every child in our care establishes a friendship, believing that these connections are fundamental for creating a secure, joyful, and fulfilling kindergarten experience.

Meals at the Kindergarten

Children at our kindergarten are served breakfast, lunch, and fruit daily. We also take pride in being a "Fiskesprell" kindergarten, emphasizing a nutritious and wholesome diet for the kids.

Parents are billed 450 kr for meal expenses each month.

Opening hours

General opening hours


07:30 - 17:00


07:30 - 17:00


07:30 - 17:00


07:30 - 17:00


07:30 - 17:00





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Director: Mette Christine Presttun