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Tips for exchange students

You can freeze your gym membership and sublet your accomodation whilst studying abroad!

Going on an exchange is an exciting opportunity to learn, grow, and explore new cultures, but before you travel, there are many practical things that need to be sorted out. In Sammen, there are a few things that you may want to get in order, and therefore, we have put together a short checklist for you, so you can enjoy your exchange without worries!🤩

Freeze your gym membership Of course, Sammen facilitates your exchange experience, and as a member of Trene Sammen, you have the opportunity to pause your membership for the entire period. To do this, you must send us the desired period and documentation, as well as provide a reason for freezing your membership due to the exchange. It's a good idea to have this in place by the end of the month to avoid unnecessary expenses.

Subletting your accomondation

You can also sublet your housing while you're on exchange! This is a great opportunity to cover some of your own expenses while you're away. All you need to do is find someone who can rent during the period you're on exchange and send us an inquiry through our contact form.

During this period, you will still be listed as the tenant and responsible to Sammen in case anything happens during the sublease period. The person renting must be a student and meet the same requirements as you.

Subletting needs to be approved by Sammen, so send us an inquiry through our contact form with the following information:

• Name • Phone number • Email • Subletting period • Proof that the subtenant is a student (student ID, etc.)

Pay the semester fee

Even if you are going to study in another city, it is important to remember to pay the semester fee as usual. This ensures that you retain your right to study at your educational institution and access to use Sammen's services. We offer both digital courses, online consultations with psychologists, and digital career guidance. Check out our courses in the course calendar!

Sammen wishes you a fantastic and educational exchange experience!

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Can I freeze my gym membership with Trene Sammen?


Of course, you can! 😊

Freeze your membership for one month You can freeze your membership without any reason or documentation, once per year. You can do this yourself on My Page.

Freezing your membership for more than one month To freeze your membership for more than one month, you must send us the desired period and documentation explaining why you want to freeze. Valid documents may include a medical certificate or confirmation of practical training or exchange programs for students.