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About Sammen

Sammen is the Student Welfare Organization of Vestland. Or for Studentsamskipnaden på Vestlandet as we say in Norwegian.

All "study cities" in Norway have a student welfare organization working for the students. A student welfare organization provides activities and services tailored to students' daily lives. In Sammen, we offer student housing, fitness facilities, food services, daycare, and health services to ensure students have the best possible study experience.
Semester Fee
Students paying the semester fee at one of Sammen's educational institutions have the right to use all Sammen's offers and services. The educational institutions collect the semester fee on behalf of Sammen. The semester fee is 650 kroner.
ūüĎÄ For many international students the semester fee is included in the school fee, so you do not have to pay an additional fee.
Work with Us
Over 800 people work at Sammen with various professional backgrounds, ranging from chefs to kindergarten teachers to janitors and controllers. Several departments also have student employees.
ūüí™ Want to work as a fitness instructor at Sammen, send us an e-mail
We post our job vacancies on Jobb Norge.
The Cultural Board and Velferdstinget Vest manages and distributes Sammen's sponsorship funds for student culture and student volunteerism. If you want funding from Sammen, you can easily apply through the Cultural Board's own website.
Invoicing to Sammen
We prefer all invoices in EHF format.
Remember that the invoice must include:
  1. Our reference, where you can enter Sammen's order code (7 digits)
  2. Delivery address or information that allows us to verify that what is invoiced has been delivered and is in accordance with the order.
Invoices that do not have these points must be returned.
Invoice address name: Studentsamskipnaden på Vestlandet EHF address: 9908:960033590 E-invoice address: 7080003209931 Invoice in PDF: Organization number: 960 033 590
Can't send an EHF invoice? Send us an invoice in PDF format by email to
Posters and campaign material from Sammen
Images for screens, social media and other campaigns that Sammen creates.

Sammen's Strategy

As a student welfare organization, we play a crucial role in the lives of students on the West Coast, as well as in the cities and local communities where we are active.

Sammen's Board

The board is the supreme body of Sammen. Students make up the majority of the board, and the board chair is also a student.


Press briefs and news from Sammen
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Business Contact for Sammen

For companies that want to contact Sammen
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